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We confidently recommend these great resources for couples who want to build their best family relationships.




Men Are like Waffles-Women Are like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences
By Bill & Pam Farrel / Harvest House Publishers

A STEP-Carefully! preferred book. You'll discover tips on improving communication, reducing stress, enjoying fulfilling romantic relationships, putting your differences to work for you, and more. The biblical foundation, entertaining presentation and end of chapter questions and exercises make this book fun and rewarding for couples everywhere.

Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional & Study Guide
By Bill & Pam Farrel
Challenging as well as encouraging questions and exercises will help married couples grow in greater intimacy with each other.


Personality Plus, Second Edition
By Florence Littauer

The key to understanding others lies in understanding yourself! Littauer's bestseller---now updated with the latest findings in personality development---reveals how your one-of-a-kind, God-given personality affects your relationships. Through humorous anecdotes and straightforward counsel, you'll learn to appreciate the traits that make each of us unique. Includes a fun, revealing Personality Profile.


Personality Plus - Audiobook on Cassette
By Florence Littauer

These dynamic tapes capture popular author Florence Littauer "live" as she gives you valuable insight into appreciating your one-of-a-kind, God-given personality profile test that will help you learn how your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance, and relationships. These interesting tapes also provide keys to understanding those around you. 2 cassettes. 180 minutes.


The Five Love Languages
By Gary Chapman / Moody Publishers

We all know that the greatest commandment is to love. However, relatively few of us know how to express our love in the heart language of our family and friends. Fortunately, in The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman identifies the five primary love languages and teaches us how to use these languages to express our love. Although this edition of The Five Love Languages was written specifically for couples, the basic principles Chapman explores will apply to all relationships.

Five Love Languages Journal
By Gary Chapman / Moody Publishers
Now you can keep track of your thoughts, feelings, progress, and you mate's tank with this journal.

The Five Love Languages - Audiobook on Cassette
By Gary Chapman / Oasis Audio Llc
Included interview with the author. Unabridged. Read by the author. 4 Cassettes. 6 hours.


52 Fantastic Dates for You and Your Mate
By David & Claudia Arp
You can enrich your relationship and create years of special memories with the fun and creative dates inside this book.


Healing the Hurt in Your Marriage
By Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg
The Rosbergs coach couples through a step-by-step biblical process of confession, sorrow, repentance, and forgiveness.


Grace and Divorce: God's Healing Gift to Those Whose Marriages Fall Short
By Dr. Les Carter
In this book Dr. Carter reveals how Christians can both uphold the ideals of marriage and provide support and love for people in the throes of divorce.


Once More with Love A Guide to Marrying Again
By Bobbi Coyle-Hennessey
This book takes readers on a journey of growth and awareness as they examine the complexities and issues of remarriage.

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